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Universal e-Bike Enabler is only $2,500 The Center for Automotive Research at the University of Southern California (USC) has released the 2013 update of their US Automotive Capacity-demand Model. It is a good read, as it provides a big picture look at the current U.S. economy and how future changes in pricing and transportation patterns will impact auto makers. With the updates, the authors have expanded their model for analysis of e-bike technology. It looks at changes in oil, gas, and biofuel prices, as well as changes in gasoline-sourced or electric-powered car ownership rates. The team also used recent consumer attitudes and political factors to estimate whether or not consumers want e-bikes. In terms of general trends, the researchers also looked at the different demographics of different age groups. As such, they found a majority of e-bike owners are “boomer and older” with the “suburban and rural male population having the highest growth rate in e-bikes.” An additional trend they found is that as technology advances, the cost of a e-bike decreases, which also decreases the number of households that can afford an e-bike. That means that as e-bikes are getting more affordable, the number of e-bike riders is also increasing. Given the above, the researchers are estimating that by 2025 there will be 1.5 to 2.5 million e-bike riders. That will exceed the number of gasoline-powered vehicle riders by more than four times. The paper further demonstrates how, as the total number of e-bike riders grows, so too will the total demand for the parts and materials used to build e-bikes. As such, the researchers estimate that by 2025 there will be 7.5 million e-bike parts and materials. The report also takes a look at the price of materials and parts used to build e-bikes. They found that the price of steel and aluminum has decreased over the last five years, as have prices of batteries and battery packs. The researchers also took a look at the materials used in the e-bike, finding that carbon fiber and plastic composites are currently the most cost-effective and the materials of choice for most e-bikes. In terms of trends in the price of materials, the researchers also found that, “in recent years, strong economies and lower oil prices may



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Foto Hot Lela Anggraini Misteri Permainan Terlarang Latest

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